November 2003
Online Traffic Broker is now selling domain traffic. If you are interested in more information concerning this type of traffic, please click on the link provided below. Our website will soon be updated with domain traffic specials.
October 2003
Online Traffic Broker has partnered with a incredible huge cost-per-acquisition network. We are now able to generate vast quantities of exclusive custom sales leads for your business. In addition we are now able to target the following markets: Home Business Opportunities (MLM), Mortgage, Debt Consolidation. We are also beginning to extend our grasp into the travel industry. Click on the link below for information.
Cost Per Acquisition Program
What is a Lead?
A Lead is a person that has shown interested for a particular product or service.
Cost Per Acquisition programs can be the most efficient and cost effective way to gather leads.
Unlike generic leads services, however, our Custom Leads campaigns are uniquely created for each individual client. This means that not only will your leads be exclusive, but also they will be branded for your specific company and customized for your specific offer. Online Traffic Broker will produce the full-page ad creative for you and submit it to you for your approval. After approval, we will begin running the ad on our extensive network of sites.
The beauty of the program is you simply tell us how many leads you need, and we deliver them. The charge for this type of lead generation can be roughly from $0.65 to $80.00 CPL, depending on how much information you need and how narrow your market is.
So how many leads do you need? Let Online Traffic Broker do the legwork for you. Why should you scramble to find leads when you can have all the fresh leads you want in your email box everyday?
We are able to produce hundreds of leads on a daily basis! Our leads are automatically scrubbed to remove most of the "garbage data", Additionally, we provide an extra 10% over and above the amount purchased in order to compensate for any such leads that slip through, as well as any disconnected or bad phone numbers and such.
Nevertheless, we can phone verify your leads, meaning that an employee of ours will actually call the individual and make sure that the information he submitted is correct, and that he still is interested in your program, goods, and/or service, which he requested information for.

Business Opportunity Leads

Mortgage Leads [coming soon]

Debt Consolidation Leads [coming soon]

Merchant Leads [coming soon]