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Business Opportunity Leads
Our Surveyed Leads are by far one of the strongest, most qualified leads available today. We want you to succeed and we feel very strongly that you will have an edge in turning your prospects into new distributors. Unless you have an unlimited flow of fresh, qualified leads wishing to contact you on a daily basis, you will soon realize your nest is empty. They key to success in building & maintaining your business is a consistent flow of new prospects to talk to.
Advantages to using our leads...
We limited the amount of times the leads are shared. We understand the importance of your advertising dollar, and we want you to succeed. Many companies will charge you up to two dollars for the same type of leads, and as we acknowledge the leads might be great, your probably sharing those leads with five other companies! We want your business each and every month, along with your whole organizations. The only way we can accomplish this is to put our clients in the very best position to win & most importantly, profit! Our leads are exclusive in a 30-day period.
Our leads are “Double-Response Generated”
Each lead that you receive from us is a prospect who hasn’t just opt-ed into receiving information about getting started in a home-based business. This individual has seen one of our pop-ups or various advertisements that we place around the Internet. They have clicked on the advertisements, where they are taken to a business opportunity site, where they can read more about the advantages of working from home, read testimonials from successful network marketers, and then decide they would like to take it a step further. They then fill out our survey form, and you now have a great lead!
Our leads have multiple fields of survey questions
Most leads that you use may just have the persons name, phone, and email address. And this doesn’t mean the leads are not good, but with our Surveyed Leads you REALLY get a complete lead! We include many fields of information and qualification questions to give you the very best prospect.
You will receive:
Name, Mailing Address, Phone, Work Phone, Email Address, Best time to be contacted, Reasons they are interested in a home based business, How much time they can work each week (available), When they can get started, Desired income, and Spousal participation (if any).
These people have taken the time to tell us the factors that are most important to them when choosing the right home-based business. These people are serious business opportunity seekers!
Due to the extremely limited supply of these leads we would ask that you get your group locked in with leads today! If we are sold out of leads available to your company, you will be contacted immediately. We do offer a monthly-auto ship program, which is very popular, and effective in maintaining a steady flow of fresh leads. We offer a monthly auto-ship program where you can order (min) 100 leads per week up to 500 leads per week. These numbers are capped because we feel it is in the best interest of everyone to allow as many people to participate in our incredible lead program.